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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Features or characteristics that should be possessed to become a successful university students

As a university students, this is an important stage on our road towards success in life. We will find the atmosphere at higher education much more serious than it was back in high school. However to be a successfull students in university, students must have some features or characteristic that will lead them to success.

First of all, student need to have social support. Successful students are involve with other people. We need to spend time with their friend and put energy into our important relationships. Successful students utilize formal study groups. Students also have to teach each other a lot when they socialize or talk about their courses.

Secondly, student need to talk with their professor more often. Student who talk to professor in the first week of classes will likely to stay in university. Take the opportunity to talk with your professor early in first semester, it will make your courses more interesting and will help you learn about class requirements. For an example, ask question in class, ask about the lecture, no stupid question because most of your classmates probably need the same information you do.

Furthermore, successful student must know how to balance their life. Our mother is right. Get enough sleep, exercise regularly, eat properly and spend time with friends to share interest. So as a students, we need to keep our energy up by maintaining all the important parts of our life.

Besides, student should committed on whatever you do. Successful students make a commitment to do what it takes to be successful. Make a commitment to yourself to be successful in all aspects of your university experience.

Another feature of a successful students is that they always pray to God. To be a successful students, we need to spend more time to pray. It is because when we study and struggle a lot in order to achieve our dream and we add with pray, it is not impossible that our dream can be achieve.

In a nutshell, a successful students can be successful if they are determine and committed to be successful in university. It depend on how they can manage themselves and focus more and perform well on their class and give all their faith to God.


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